IMG_0369How Did It Start
Kiss My Seoul was born in 2012 when founder Alex Hwang, finished graduate school to start the company.  Kiss My Seoul focuses on delivering authentic, delicious and healthy Korean cuisine to your event or office.

Why The Bay Area
Alex had a strong desire to bring the Korean food he grew up with in Los Angeles and spread it throughout the Bay Area.  He spent numerous hours learning original recipes from his mother.  The way he was taught was to prepare and cook by taste, not solely by measurement.   With his entrepreneurial drive and love for sharing Korean food, Kiss My Seoul was born.

What’s Korean Cuisine
The philosophy of Kiss My Seoul  is simple and follows a common belief in the Korean culture regarding balance.  The marinades for meats should not be too sweet or too salty.  The traditional side dishes, also known as banchan, are made to compliment and be eaten together with rice and proteins.

Kiss My Seoul believes that the stereotypical Korean food diet is misleading in America, referring to the “all-you-can-eat-BBQ”.  Traditional Korean cuisine is very healthy by nature.  The food is more about the variety of vegetables and freshness of your ingredients rather than unlimited amounts of barbequed meat.  Bibimbap, one of the national dishes of Korea, is a perfect example.  The bowl is layered with rice and topped with protein along with numerous vegetables.  The dish is sauced with a spicy and sweet red pepper paste known as gochujang and mixed together so one eats a little bit of everything in each bite.

Our Commitment
Kiss My Seoul g strives to serve the best Korean food the Bay Area can find by using only the freshest ingredients and highest quality meats.  Organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO options are always used when possible.